REC has a line-up of highly-qualified, trained and experienced engineering and environmental consulting professionals who are well-versed in performing tasks of engineering design, cleanup, investigation, site development, environmental permission services for clients.

Our engineers are diversely talented with specialization and professional experience in different engineering domains namely – civil, environmental, geophysical and geological – and earth sciences including biology and hydrogeology. In addition, REC has extensive experience is accomplishing tasks related to surface quality monitoring and management in the UAE, ground water supply monitoring and exploration, remediation, and statutory regulations compliance. In short, REC has exceptional command in facilitating all kinds of water and environment consulting services.

REC is committed to upholding highest quality standards when it comes to consultation services and customer support and fully understands the significance of tailoring its solutions according to clients’ needs and preferences. Resultantly, we strive to build a solid relationship with our clients; it is pillared on constant communication and collaboration. We exercise the same attributes to establish dynamics with regulatory agencies (environmental, health and others). We use the all-around guidance and support to ensure that projects get delivered on time and on the agreed budget and quality assurance.