Accuracy in construction bid estimates and contract pricing agreements is critical to projects getting approval and seeing success. To ensure that the monetary aspects of projects are well-handled and well-aligned with clients’ interests, REC has in-house value engineering consulting services.

Our experienced professionals will be happy to guide and assist you in any bidding or contract-related matter so that you arrive at the right decision. In order to draft accurate construction bid estimates, an all-around and in-depth understanding of the projects – and its related aspects and sub-aspects – is a prerequisite of the estimation process.

Using a pragmatic approach and method, our estimation experts will develop bids which underline three main concerns – quantities of resources, pricing of resources and productivity of resources. To derive near-perfect estimates our team studies quantity take-offs and margins, current pricing trends, and scheduling services. Furthermore, we also provide review services for submitted bids wherein we evaluate bids for any possible inadequacies or errors.

Our value engineering services also include: construction cost management, construction cost estimation design, material cost analysis, risk management and assessment. Irrespective of what your estimation needs may be, REC has the required expertise to ensure that your project is valued at the right value.