We understand that clients may have complementary needs along with the construction and management of the project. In order to ease the complex challenges and provide integrated support across other areas, at REC, we have a Specialist Services vertical, which is primarily dedicated to working on the “extras”. These are aspects, which are part of the end-to-end planning process, and REC is more than happy to collaborate with clients and participate in processes of additional planning, consulting, design and engineering. Our efforts are focused on delivering high-performance solutions, which take the project to the next level – literally.

Our specialist services include:
Claims Management and Dispute Resolution Services: The REC has knowledgeable officials who have thorough understanding and experience in construction law, design processes, construction techniques, costs management, scheduling, and contract language to facilitate project owners with comprehensive strategic support in facing claims and disputes.

Lighting Design: At REC, we understand that well-designing lighting can enhance the form and experience of a building. Therefore, we have expertise in providing clients with tailor-made lighting solutions for all project types. What’s more, we ensure that the lightings are energy-efficient and cost-efficient.

Design Review & Technical Services: REC provides extensive services in review and management of all project development aspects. We liaison with project teams and executing planning coordination, review, and approval tasks to ensure that projects commence and complete on time.