Muneeb is a capable individual with more than twenty years of experience in Engineering & Construction industry and always willing to support and challenge at all levels. Being an entrepreneur, he has the passion,  experience, analytical ability, positive attitude, proactive mindset, and above all customer-first approach which has been  an asset to the firm. As a Co-Founder of Ridge Engineering, his role as a Commercial Director has been pivotal in helping the company to navigate the business through the next level of its growth. As a true professional, he is someone who only makes recommendations based on results to drive any improvement that is required. He has been acting as a commercial manager for a reputable engineering consultant before for 18 years and finally initiated Ridge as a hallmark to his business understanding.

He is an active entrepreneur and has supported many start-up firms as well. Few firms where he helped raise capital and co-founded were ‘Envitas Ltd’, a firm that patented oil sorbents converting oil spills to biodegradable substances, ‘Synergy Gulf’ a unique business platform to trade Steel and Metal, ‘Siateq International Trading Co’ that dealt in trading of Defence products and unique technologies on water treatment, energy, Transportation and mobility technologies. He is also an active member of the advisory board of an Advanced Engineering & technology company focused on Aerospace and Aviation industry solutions, Chivaro Tech based in India. 

His most dominant strength is his strategic drive, the ability to discover patterns, create new solutions and find the best way forward. This capability is strengthened by his curiosity and ability to see visions that show his strong belief in ‘Nothing is Impossible’. Having the ability to build trust, engage people, create strong positive commitment and drive a team or organization to fulfill the goals and create results and above all having fun at the same time.

Muneeb is born and brought up in the UAE which gives him enough exposure to understand the culture and business process / mindset of the region and has traveled to several countries globally for business and leisure.