Senior Architect

Results-oriented and skilled professional with an extensive record of consistently exceeding project goals in Concept design, 3D presentations and managing aspects of the architecture deliverables including but not limited to commercial, residential, hospitality and high-rise building projects. Dynamic leader with ability to manage technical projects and work teams while interacting with clients and management gaining commitment across multiple diciplines.

Leading all Design Operational process and ensuring all design activities are completed to the highest standards and meets the (OPR)Owner Project Requirements, providing Team line management. Inspiring Creativity for allprojects from the conceptual design through completion of Design. Leading multidisciplinary team of engineers, Specialists and Suppliers while interacting directly with clients and Stakeholders to develop large-scale projects according to schedule and budgets.

He has a diversified mindset that also gives him enough room to check on other fields. his personal interests and hobbies has been ranging from Aeronautical engineering to Quantum mechanics and astrophysics.