Allied Practices

At REC, our practices are bound by our strong principles and innovative approach which collectively demonstrate our main objectives and purpose. Our journey to become UAE’s leading engineering consultancy enterprise has been a joint effort. Talented professionals and collaborators have partnered with us, and vice versa, to create the business and brand that REC is today.

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility isn’t just about donating money to charity or not printing a report or switching off the lights. It’s about cultivating relationships with staff, clients, vendors, and other interested parties, encouraging them to work together to create a long-term commitment to people and the world around us.

Corporate Ethics

As a market leader in the engineering consultancy services category in the UAE, REC strives to practice and uphold corporate ethics consistently in the organization. Resultantly, REC’s work culture is dominated by a strong value system that is pillared on excellence, honesty, integrity, fairness, accountability, and transparency. As a fast-growing organization, we understand the value of building and maintaining a positive market brand and reputation. Therefore, we have continuously aimed to establish and implement the highest standards of professional ethics in all our business dealings and personal demeanor employee to employee and employee to the client. The professional ethics are in accordance with the organizational policy and UAE’s Ministry of Labour.  Practicing good and solid professional and ethical conduct in our business across all levels of the company’s hierarchy is critical to our long-term business value and brand image, and sets REC as an exceptional precedent in this regard.