REC’s aviation engineering services encompasses a wide range of technical consulting specialties that include systems, structures, and avionic engineering, aging aircraft programs, STC development and implementation, regulatory compliance programs, corrosion and wear-tear initiatives.

We are allied with Chivaro aerospace Engineering in Abu dhabi and India, ( Their team of skilled aviation engineers can readily assist in different aircraft modifications and developments which have the approval of international and domestic aviation bodies. Whether it is to have a new aircraft integrated in your existing fleet or to make operational changes and efficiency improvements, REC /Chivaro has all the goods your flights need.

Our consortium holds Expertise in providing assistance in implementation of key requirements such as TCAS, cockpit voice recorders, windshear detection and digital flight data recorder installation. Additionally, we are also well-versed in applying compliance and cost-control measures. In reflection, we perform timely and meticulous cost benefit analysis that supports us in all kinds of decision-making. Further to this, our staff offers high-quality services in performing flight reviews and inspections in order to make sure the fleet is in compliance with the aviation regulatory bodies, supervise the required implementation documentation, and also ensure that aircrafts undergo correct and accurate damage tolerance and repair inspections and audits, and maintenance procedures.